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Saturday, March 6, 2010

GEO & Mini Review

Hey everyone !

So I know I just did a post on my EOS lenses but I also got a few pair of GEO lenses as well ! I'm really really liking them but the comfort is definitely not the same nor is it as hiigh !
Anyway, I got a few pairs but I've only opened one so far.. self control ! I definitely can't have so many lenses open at the same time, nor do I have enough cases but considering the fact that they last 3 years in the bottle.. I'll keep them in there for a bit longer c:
I opened the honey wing lenses and have worn them.. around 2 times! So far I like them and I've gotten a few compliments on them as well. I think they're quite natural and look very very nice as well. Here's a picture on a model for you:

I keep posting pictures of them on models because I haven;t had time to sit down and upload the photos that I took or even take photos of my eyes for that matter.. But I promise you I'll do that soon c: or I'll try to ! Hehee
So here's a mini review for you * I'm not too great at making reviews, I KNOW!
Comfort : 9 /10
I like theses lenses but I can feel them at times and I can't keep them on for as long as I can keep EOS lenses on. I know that I've kept EOS lenses on for 12 hours + but I can start to feel slight dryness after myabe 7 hours?
Design: 9 / 10
I really like these lenses but they look a bit pixely.. Maybe it's just me that kind of minds but I'm not really sure if I like that.. They aren't TOO noticeable when they're on the eye but when they're in the case, they're quite pixely
Enlargement 7/10
I don't think these lenses are good for enlargement. Maybe it's because my eyes aren't small? But they don't have a very defined outter ring so the enlargement isn't as big but there definitely is some there c:
Overall 8/10
I think these lenses are very nice and perfect for people who want natural lenses or those who want to try circle lenses for the first time. They don't have super dolly eye enlargement which is great for people who don't want that for their first pair and want to simply just try it out!

I hope you guys enjoyed that little mini review ! I really do like these lenses despite the comfort being not so high c: I'll be posting more and maybe even some pictures of me wearing the lenses !
- olivia

EOS Lenses

Hii !

Long time no blog post, yeah? The olympics were here and it was just too awesome c: I was so excited because they were in my own city for once! But now that they're over I really really miss the crowds and all the nice people that came to this city!
Anyhow, I got a few EOS lenses and so far, I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVEE them ! They feel like I'm wearing no lenses at all, which can be good or bad : D But a million thumbs up for EOS lenses. Compared to my GEO lenses, these are by far much more comfy
So I have.. 3 pairs !

I have pure brown :

Adult Brown:

And last but not least, Gold Black lenses

Individual reviews for these will come shortly but so far, I really like the pure lenses. I'm actually wearing them right now, as im typing this post and I put them in.. at around 9 ish this mroning.. so 12 hours ! And they feel GREAT c: no dryness whatsoever.. And I know its bad to put on lenses for this long, but mm, I didn't get a chance to go home but I didn't have to use eyedrops and my eyes feel no irritation whatsoever. Pure pure love <3>

Request if you'd like to see pictures or anything else

- olivia


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hi all !

So hey guys, I have DEFINITELY been lacking on blog posts but I got EOS lenses and I'm going to try them out for you and see how they are. I love them so far though because they are SUPER comfortable.

Anyhow, I left for a while because I was a little disappointed.. As you all know, there were two winners drawn for the first giveaway. The first girl didn't respond so I drew a second name. Well, guess what? Neither of them responded me! I didn't get why no one wanted their lenses! I had the lenses too ! But no one wanted them.. ): Should I do another draw for the first "give away"?

ALSO : check out www.youtube.com/glimmerrush96 ! They are such talented girls doing makeup and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE C: it would mean a lot to them *and me !*

- olivia