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Saturday, March 6, 2010

EOS Lenses

Hii !

Long time no blog post, yeah? The olympics were here and it was just too awesome c: I was so excited because they were in my own city for once! But now that they're over I really really miss the crowds and all the nice people that came to this city!
Anyhow, I got a few EOS lenses and so far, I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVEE them ! They feel like I'm wearing no lenses at all, which can be good or bad : D But a million thumbs up for EOS lenses. Compared to my GEO lenses, these are by far much more comfy
So I have.. 3 pairs !

I have pure brown :

Adult Brown:

And last but not least, Gold Black lenses

Individual reviews for these will come shortly but so far, I really like the pure lenses. I'm actually wearing them right now, as im typing this post and I put them in.. at around 9 ish this mroning.. so 12 hours ! And they feel GREAT c: no dryness whatsoever.. And I know its bad to put on lenses for this long, but mm, I didn't get a chance to go home but I didn't have to use eyedrops and my eyes feel no irritation whatsoever. Pure pure love <3>

Request if you'd like to see pictures or anything else

- olivia


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