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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hi all !

So hey guys, I have DEFINITELY been lacking on blog posts but I got EOS lenses and I'm going to try them out for you and see how they are. I love them so far though because they are SUPER comfortable.

Anyhow, I left for a while because I was a little disappointed.. As you all know, there were two winners drawn for the first giveaway. The first girl didn't respond so I drew a second name. Well, guess what? Neither of them responded me! I didn't get why no one wanted their lenses! I had the lenses too ! But no one wanted them.. ): Should I do another draw for the first "give away"?

ALSO : check out www.youtube.com/glimmerrush96 ! They are such talented girls doing makeup and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE C: it would mean a lot to them *and me !*

- olivia


  1. Naww, maybe they just didn't check the messages? =o

  2. yup. that's exactly the thing. i dont really know how to navigate blogspot/ didn't have time to check. haha!

  3. Hahah, yeaah possibly !
    I'm so sorry to all those who didn't get a chance to respond.. but for the most recent one, I actually waited.. a week + for a response..


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