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Saturday, March 6, 2010

GEO & Mini Review

Hey everyone !

So I know I just did a post on my EOS lenses but I also got a few pair of GEO lenses as well ! I'm really really liking them but the comfort is definitely not the same nor is it as hiigh !
Anyway, I got a few pairs but I've only opened one so far.. self control ! I definitely can't have so many lenses open at the same time, nor do I have enough cases but considering the fact that they last 3 years in the bottle.. I'll keep them in there for a bit longer c:
I opened the honey wing lenses and have worn them.. around 2 times! So far I like them and I've gotten a few compliments on them as well. I think they're quite natural and look very very nice as well. Here's a picture on a model for you:

I keep posting pictures of them on models because I haven;t had time to sit down and upload the photos that I took or even take photos of my eyes for that matter.. But I promise you I'll do that soon c: or I'll try to ! Hehee
So here's a mini review for you * I'm not too great at making reviews, I KNOW!
Comfort : 9 /10
I like theses lenses but I can feel them at times and I can't keep them on for as long as I can keep EOS lenses on. I know that I've kept EOS lenses on for 12 hours + but I can start to feel slight dryness after myabe 7 hours?
Design: 9 / 10
I really like these lenses but they look a bit pixely.. Maybe it's just me that kind of minds but I'm not really sure if I like that.. They aren't TOO noticeable when they're on the eye but when they're in the case, they're quite pixely
Enlargement 7/10
I don't think these lenses are good for enlargement. Maybe it's because my eyes aren't small? But they don't have a very defined outter ring so the enlargement isn't as big but there definitely is some there c:
Overall 8/10
I think these lenses are very nice and perfect for people who want natural lenses or those who want to try circle lenses for the first time. They don't have super dolly eye enlargement which is great for people who don't want that for their first pair and want to simply just try it out!

I hope you guys enjoyed that little mini review ! I really do like these lenses despite the comfort being not so high c: I'll be posting more and maybe even some pictures of me wearing the lenses !
- olivia

EOS Lenses

Hii !

Long time no blog post, yeah? The olympics were here and it was just too awesome c: I was so excited because they were in my own city for once! But now that they're over I really really miss the crowds and all the nice people that came to this city!
Anyhow, I got a few EOS lenses and so far, I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVEE them ! They feel like I'm wearing no lenses at all, which can be good or bad : D But a million thumbs up for EOS lenses. Compared to my GEO lenses, these are by far much more comfy
So I have.. 3 pairs !

I have pure brown :

Adult Brown:

And last but not least, Gold Black lenses

Individual reviews for these will come shortly but so far, I really like the pure lenses. I'm actually wearing them right now, as im typing this post and I put them in.. at around 9 ish this mroning.. so 12 hours ! And they feel GREAT c: no dryness whatsoever.. And I know its bad to put on lenses for this long, but mm, I didn't get a chance to go home but I didn't have to use eyedrops and my eyes feel no irritation whatsoever. Pure pure love <3>

Request if you'd like to see pictures or anything else

- olivia


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hi all !

So hey guys, I have DEFINITELY been lacking on blog posts but I got EOS lenses and I'm going to try them out for you and see how they are. I love them so far though because they are SUPER comfortable.

Anyhow, I left for a while because I was a little disappointed.. As you all know, there were two winners drawn for the first giveaway. The first girl didn't respond so I drew a second name. Well, guess what? Neither of them responded me! I didn't get why no one wanted their lenses! I had the lenses too ! But no one wanted them.. ): Should I do another draw for the first "give away"?

ALSO : check out www.youtube.com/glimmerrush96 ! They are such talented girls doing makeup and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE C: it would mean a lot to them *and me !*

- olivia

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dolly Eye

Hey everyone ~

A very quick post , but I was browsing the Soompi Circle Lens forums when I came across these lenses :

The colors are so opaque and they give off such a dolly eye effect to the wearer ! I know I myself would never be able to pull off lenses like these without looking overly fake but they look very very nice on these models. I also have a customer who ordered them so I'll see if I can get her to take a picture so we can all see what they look like on a normal person (':

- olivia


Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

Hey everyone!

So, the blog is slowly but surely expanding. After 1 month, there are 18 followers ! I'm quite impressed : D
A reminder that the contest is still going on so be sure to tell your friends about the site if they want to learn more about circle lenses & request different topics as well! It'd be great to know what you guys want me to write about, what you'd like me to touch on, and other topics as well. It doesn't have to be about circle lenses, it can be about almost anything you wish, and I'll try my best to answer them!

Remember to invite & follow !

- olivia

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Olive Lenses??


So today I went to the GEO website to check if there were any updates and I saaw something new ! They had changed the name of the "wing series" to "olive series"! Haha, although I don't know why, the new codes for the lenses start with OL instead of CTS

www.geo21eye.comThe original codes !

the new codes on the vial !

* I put in an order to GEO before I realized the change on the website , and I check quite often. I wonder what the labels will say. Mm, I can't wait to receive the lenses that I ordered, 101 pairs !!

- olivia

Friday, January 29, 2010

INSTOCK Lenses !

Hey everyone !

So , this is for all those who live in the Richmond / Vancouver area !

* BC , Canada

Anyway, I have a few pairs on in stock prescription lenses that I need to sell.

They are :

1. NEO Two Tone Violet - (-2.00/-2.00)
2. DueBa DM21 Gray - (-1.75/-5.00)
3. DueBa DM23 Gray - (-1.50/-2.00)
4. GEO Nudy Blue - (-2.25/-2.50)

msg me @ circle.color.lenses@gmail.com for details & prices

- olivia

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spotlight : DueBa Lenses

Hey everyone!

It's 1:21 am over here, I'm immersed in homework and all I can think about is posting a blog for you lovely readers : D anyhow, I have yet another brand to introduce to you. This time, we're going to be reviewing DueBa Lenses, a popular brand out in the market. These lenses have a diameter of 14.0 mm and a base curve of 8.6. The website, however, does not tell much about the company itself or even how they color the lenses. It does say that the lenses are made from materials that are approved by the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration). This blog is somewhat short because I SHOULD be doing homework but I simply couldn't resist not posting. Anyhow, for a bit more information, or for a look at what lenses they have, visit www.duebacon.com !

** Anyone living in Richmond / Vancouver wanting to get DueBa lenses?
I have two pairs - one DM23 Gray in -1.75/-5.00 and one DM21 Gray in -1.50/-2.00
Message me if you'd like to see them / pictures and I can give you a good price !

- olivia

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spotlight: Bescon Lenses

Hiii ! (':

I'm going to introduce to you all a new brand today. This is Bescon, and I'm sure many of you have seen these lenses before. If you've checked out the soompi circle lens forum, you will know that they are ridiculously popular. Bescon is known for their natural brown and gray lenses and are also quite known for their popular TUTTI series lenses. Furthermore, Bescon lenses are rated TOP 5 in all of Korea. Starting out as KuKje Contact Lens 4 decades ago, the company has grown and is now one of the most used lens brands out.

Information about their color lenses :
* taken from their site
For that special occasion, color your eyes to match your suit.
You can find your own personality. Bescon offers color lens of diverse sizes and colors to meet your individual taste. Diverse Bescon color lenses not only provide you with a great range of selections but also have the beneficial effect of curing your eyesight. Bescon color lens is comfortable to wear and easy to use. You can create diverse images at [an] affordable price.

I couldn't find much about the diameter and water content of the lenses, so I'm going to assume that they are around the same as standard circle lenses. If you find some information, however, don't hesitate to email me and I'll add it to the blog!

- olivia

Big eyes!

Hey !

I'm sure that majority of people who use circle lenses want to achieve that big eyed look. This , of course, IS achievable with or without the use of circle lenses. I have a few tips for you as to what you might want to try with or without the circle lenses ! Keep in mind that what works for some, may not work for others (:

Lets get started !

1. Use white eyeliner to line your inner lower waterline and the inner corner of your eye
2. Use a dark eyeliner on the top lid and line close to your lash line. Line ONLY the outer half
* if you want to apply dark eyeliner on the lower lid, apply only about halfway to 3/4 of the way in
3. Highlight the brow bone and the inner corners with a shimmery light shadow
4. Use a light colored eyeshadow in the crease
5. Give your eyebrows a slightly arched shape to maximize the space between the eye and the brow. Well defined eyebrows will give the appearance of a bigger space between the brow and the eye so keep them well maintained!
6. Make sure to curl your lashes before applying mascara * you can of course curl them after, as long as they are already dry
7. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Be sure to use a zig zag motion to ensure that there is no clumping
8. Apply false lashes. They give a very nice, soft feminine touch and some look quite natural when placed properly. They also open up the eyes and are very very useful if you have short lashes * like many Asians (:

Used in conjunction with your circle lenses will maximize the effect but these tips can obviously be used on their own without circle lenses! Be sure that you put in your lenses BEFORE you start doing your makeup because your hand might pick up some of the make up and it might not wash off with water alone, causing the bacteria and makeup to transfer onto your lenses.

- olivia

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Q&A : Circle lenses

Hey everyone !

So I'm back with another blog post about Circle lenses and some commonly asked questions!

1. Are circle lenses safe?

All contact lens (soft/hard/colored/circle/regular/prescription/nonprescription) are potentially damaging.Circle lenses are particularly seen as unsafe because they are said to be larger in diameter then normal lenses. This allows LESS oxygen to enter your eyes, often drying natural moisture out and putting a strain on them. They also contain color pigment which can cloud vision when the contacts shift.But the “largeness” of the lenses are relative. If you wear contacts already, check the information on your own lenses to determine if the circle lenses you want are the proper fit for you.

2. Can the lenses be prescribed?

Yes, they can. They are the same as regular contact lens. If you have 20/20 vision, you can buy non-prescript/plano/0.00 lenses.

3. Can people with astigmatism wear circle lenses?

This depends on the brand and seller. For example, G&G DOES make Circle Lenses for astigmatism, BUT these are not the same as their Circle Lenses or Cosmetic Circle Lenses. Research the brand to find out the best choice so you don’t order the wrong kind.

4. How do I take care of my circle lenses?

You take care of them like any other contact lenses. You should only wear them up to 6 hours at a time and always keep them in a contact lens case with solution when you aren’t wearing them. It’s very important to put your contact on and take them off with CLEAN HANDS! If your hands are dirty, you can get debris or harmful substances in your eyes which can lead to irritation and even blindness! Wash your hands before putting them in/taking them out and make sure to rub your fingers with contact solution after washing your hands.Clean your lenses before and after you wear them. To clean your lenses, with clean hands, pour some solution onto the lens and rub between your thumb and other finger. When storing, always replace the solution and clean the case so your lenses can soak in fresh, clean solution. NEVER just "top off" which means to add a bit of solution to the "old" solution

5. What do I do if I feel irritation when I have my circle lenses in?

Are they clean? Did you put them in on the right side? If your lenses are causing discomfort, do not wear them! Remember, they are cosmetic, just like eyeliner or foundation. If your foundation was giving you a rash, you shouldn’t wear it anymore.

6. Should I put my lenses on before or after makeup?

It is highly recommend that you should put your lenses on before putting on your makeup. You fingers can easily catch makeup residue and washing them doesn’t always get it off.

Hope this helps some people out ! I'll be posting more soon !

- olivia


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Speaking of Leah Dizon..

Hey again !

It's kind of late but I really really REALLY had to post this up so this is just a quick blog post this time. Nothing TOO long but I got thinking of Leah Dizon inspired lenses and a few more came into my mind. I realize that some people may not be able to buy EOS lenses and that maybe MORE options would be a nice thing to provide. Here they are :

  1. Innovision Diamant Hazel

  2. Hana Medicon SeeShell Hazel ** Review Coming !!

  3. NEO Dali Extra Brown

  4. G&G A21 Brown
There are of course, many many other "dupes" out there but these are just some that I have come across in my years of dealing with circle lenses. I'll continue to update if people are interested in what other options there are. A question for this blog post though is IS THIS HELPFUL? Because if it helps people by giving more options to lenses, then I will continue to do so!

please comment & follow the blog !

- olivia

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lens Review : EOS Max Pure Brown

Hi again !

Here's yet ANOTHER lens review but on another brand. This brand, EOS, is a brand that I've done an introduction on before, so if you're interested in that, please go and check it out!

I'm super excited to review these lenses for you because I have a feeling that many of you guys are going to love it, if you don't love it already. So, lets get started !

* Disclaimer: I bought these lenses with my own money. This review is not influenced by any company !

When I first saw these lenses, they definitely reminded me of the beautiful Leah Dizon. As you can see in the picture, she is wearing light brown lenses with a darker shade of brown , almost black, ring surrounding the color. They have such a beautiful effect on her eyes and gives her an overall soft and dreamy appearance. : D

Now, looking at the EOS Max Pure Brown lens itself. The lens is 14.2 mm is diameter with a base curve of 8.6 as well. Although the diameter is only 14.2 mm , the enlargement is up to around 15.5 mm ! This says a LOT bout the enlargement of this lens. The lens has a cogwheel pattern and the distribution of pixels is fantastic and quite unique as well. Overall, these lenses are FANTASTIC if you want a very very natural enlargement. They don't make the eyes TOO dolly looking and I LOVE how they look on people with darker eyes but I'm certain they will look amazing on people with lighter eyes who want to try brown eyes!

Overall rating : 11/10
YES , they are just that fantastic (:

* please note that these ratings are just my opinion. you may or may not agree with them but bear in mind that everyone has different opinions and want different effects when it comes to circle lenses

photo creds to :
- oliviaa

Toric Lenses

Hey everyone !

If you can't tell, I'm trying to post more blogs today to compensate for the lack of blogs this past month. I have even neglected my personal blog to start posting here because they are on separate accounts ): Anyway, I'm going to be talking about toric lenses today. I'm sure many of you have heard the term toric lenses but you might be wondering what they are so stick around to find out!

Toric contact lenses are made of the same material as regular soft contact lenses. The difference, however, is that toric lenses have two prescriptions to them. This is because the lenses are created with curvatures at different angles - one to correct astigmatism and one for myopia or hyperopia. There is also a mechanism in the contact lens to keep the lens relatively stable on the eye when you blink or look around and because the lens cannot rotate on your eye, it gives you crisper vision. Getting properly fitted for toric lenses takes a lot more time than regular contacts and of course, is a lot pricier. Toric contact lenses can sell for up to double the price of regular contact lenses.

Keep in mind that this is just a quick overview of toric lenses and what they're like. I'm no expert in the field of toric lenses and am here to only give information that I've learned over some years.

* description of picture : Spherical lenses have the same power all around the lens, so it doesn't matter if the lens rotates on your eye. Toric lenses have two different powers in the lens, so they must remain in position for best visual acuity. Some toric lenses are heavier at the bottom to keep from rotating.

- oliviaa

Lens Review : GEO Angel Brown - CM 834 -

Hey everyone!

So yes, I have been slacking on the blog posts but school has been so hectic lately, and I'm almost off for olympic break ! I have just over two weeks of school left so I'm super super excited. Anyway, to start off our first lens review of this blog, I'm going to be starting off with a well known favorite of many. I'm going to be reviewing the GEO Angel Brown lenses !

* Disclaimer : These lenses have been purchased with my own money! These reviews are by no means influenced by any company!

Lets start off with what the lens actually looks like. The lens itself has a 14 mm diameter with a 8.6 base curve. The beautiful brown color is surrounded by a dark, distinct black ring which gives the eyes a lovely enlargement. What I love most about the Angel Brown lenses is that they don't make the eyes look HUGE and the color change is very subtle on darker eyes. I also feel like these lenses really give you that circle lens effect with the thick dark ring. But what I love most of all is the effect it gives my eyes. My eyes are somewhat glossy and the color, although not dramatic, has enough of a POP to catch the attention of people around you. I had gotten these lenses as my first pair of circle lenses EVER and from then, I loved them. They are definitely a good buy to try if you're new to circle lenses.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first lens review of the blog and if you have any feedback or additional information you'd like to know, comment! Also, don't forget to FOLLOW the blog. You might have a chance of winning these lenses !!

Overall Rating : 10 / 10

* rating's are simply my own opinion. you may or may not agree with my rating but i'm basing my rating on how the lenses look on me, and what kind of effect i want. it is obviously different for every single person so please do not comment saying how you don't agree with the things i have stated.

- olivia

Monday, January 11, 2010

New GEO Lenses

Hey everyone !

You might be sick and tired of hearing about GEO lenses, and might be wanting to know MORE brands, but bear with me !! This blog post is about the brand new lenses that GEO has come out with. I'm sure you guys have heard a lot about them already, but for those who haven't, here they are ! The top four are basically bigger versions of lenses that already exist. You might already notice that the two on the left look a lot like the Nudy series, that already exist ! Anyway, I'm really excited to try out the lenses with a bigger diameter. I'm a fan of GEO lenses, although the Nudy series aren't exactly my favorite because they tend to irritate my eyes. I'm hoping theses lenses may be a bit better? But I'm not hoping for much. I can't say much about the other lenses though because I haven't tried them but if I see any good reviews, or bad, I will definitely post them up!

- olivia

BB Creams

Hey everyone ,

I planned on posting two blog posts yesterday, but for some reason, only posted one! So I'm hoping that today, I'll be able to make up for the lack of blog posts. I'm so sorry guys but school is already taking a toll on me, and I'm actually going away to camp for 3 days this week so I won't be able to update or check much. I don't even have much time for my personal blog so I'm trying to balance it all out.

Anyway, I'm going to be exploring another aspect of Korean culture, which is BB cream ! First off, you guys might be wondering, what IS BB cream? BB cream , which stands for Blemish Balm, started off as a cream for plastic surgery patients and those who underwent laser surgery. It helped to shield delicate skin and also healed scars faster. Korean celebrities then started using it, and created a craze because of the good results that it achieved. Beauty brands have since made BB creams more suitable for Asian skin. There are several ways of using BB creams but because they do have color to them, it is commonly used as a foundation. The benefit of using BB cream versus foundation is that BB creams are packed with ingredients that help regenerate the skin. So in short, it gives the excellent coverage that regular foundation offers with a bonus! It can also cover dark rings, acne marks, and uneven skin tone naturally, giving your skin a natural glow. It also has very good oil control without comprising your skin's moisture level.

Many popular brands are: Missha , Etude House, Skin Food, Hanskin, and many many more !

- olivia

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spotlight : EOS Lenses

Hi everyone !

I know I haven't updated in a while, so I'm back again with an introduction to another brand. This brand is now becoming more and more popular in several facebook groups and many online stores as well. The brand EOS , or Eyes Of Seduction, was founded in December of 2002 in Korea. They use a Transfer Dyeing Method, which was developed and used for the first time to solve many common problems such as coarse lens surface, less oxygen penetration and fading. As a result, the EOS lenses are known to be more comfortable to wear than regular contact lenses.

Product Specifications

Water Content
Refractive Index
Oxygen Permeability
Base Curve Radius
Power Range

Because of the new method of dyeing, the company says the new features of the lenses are :

  1. Exceptionally Clear & shiny lens surface without any rough (embossed) defect
  2. No visual trouble (color part to be transmitted by light)
  3. More comfortable wearing and outstanding transmission of oxygen,
    (Every particle is removed from the colored part by a screen printing type of new technology)
  4. Smart & natural look of wearing (color and lens are matched well as colored part of new technology.)
  5. Every color is semi-permanent so that there is no change of color or fading
They have many different kinds of lenses. They have the circle lenses, color lenses, and even regular contact lenses, which all last for ONE YEAR. There'll be more posts on this brand, including many of their lovely series.

- olivia

Monday, January 4, 2010

Circle Lenses & Color Lenses - Comparison

Hey Everyone !

So I'm back again and I'm going to be showing you the difference between normal lenses and circle lenses. The main difference would be, of course, that circle lenses make the appearance of your iris larger, as stated previously in an earlier post. The circle lens usually has a black ring that extends past the color which helps enlarge the appearance of the iris. On a regular color contact lens however, there is no definate black ring and is instead transparent, making the eye only have a change of color and no enlargement.

There are of course, many different pros and cons to each choice.

Circle lenses

- They have great enlargement
- They have many different designs and styles to choose from
- The color blends better with your natural eye color
- Is slightly less expensive because it doesn't expire until a year later
- Comfortable on your eyes
- No prescription required

- Only available with yearly usage
- Can only be worn 6 - 8 hours a day
- Rarely found in retail stores * must be ordered online

Color Lenses

- Available in daily, monthly, and yearly prescription
- Extended wear lenses can be worn for the whole day
- Only available by prescription from your doctor

- Doesn't have enlargement, only color change
- Limited number of styles
- Color change may not be as effective because most of the color lenses are enhancement tints, therefore the color is highly translucent
- More expensive when compared to yearly lenses

Here are just a few pros and cons that we have listed! Of course, there are many more, and you may or may not agree with all of them. We are speaking in general and what was listed under cons may be a pro to you !

Stay tuned for more posts ~

- olivia

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Popular choices for GEO

Hi everyone !

So as you know, GEO lenses are very very popular and for those people who are interested in buying lenses, here are a few popular choices that you may like to try !
These lenses come in prescription that ranges from -0.00 ( plano ) to -10.00 !

1. Angel Series - Brown, Gray, Green, Violet, Blue

2. CK 105 - Black

3. Nudy Series - Gray , Brown, Blue

4. Tricolor (World) Series - Violet

5. Wing Series - Honey Wing, Ash Wing

Here are only a few choices as to popular GEO lenses ! There are of course many many others that you can check out as well! What lenses do you like to wear ?
Also, stick around for more information about circle lenses and different brands as well !

- olivia

Fake GEO Lenses

Hello again everyoone !

So I'm sure those who are interested in circle lenses have heard about fake GEO lenses that are very common all over the internet. Many sellers are selling fake GEO lenses and there are many people who aren't aware of how to tell and end up harming their eyes with the fake lenses. Well, I'm here to tell you how to detect fake GEO lenses !

1. GEO lenses almost always come in vials! Many people advertise that they do not ever come in vials, BUT ! depending on location, and where the person you are buying from is located, you may receive lenses that ARE authentic yet come in blister packages. It IS complicated but here is a picture :
2. GEO Medical has recently come out with an antifake system. Basically, it is a system where you are given a 20 digit code and you can input it into a website and it will tell you whether or not your lenses are real. This is the real website http://www.fw1860.com/en however, there is now a FAKE website that has been made and this is NOT the real one. www.colourgeocheck.cn is the fake one so if your 20 digit code has a sticker with that website on, try to return it ASAP ! Also, check for fake authenticity stickers ! Those are quite popular too !
3. The GEO logo is known to have the line over the G, as seen in the photo above. Many of the fake GEO lenses will be missing that line as seen in the next picture.
4. Look for "Made in Korea" on the vials instead of "Made in China"

5. Lastly, the vials will have a different font from the real vials !! Here's a picture of fake ones and then real ones
Anyway, this is a really long post but you might want to be aware of these things before you order from anyone online ! Even those who may seem very nice and etc online can take your money and not respond you anymore and you can check out http://geopolice.multiply.com/ The site covers almost everything that I explained but what's good is that they have a list of people who are known to sell fake lenses so check that list out and be careful everyone !

Happy shopping

- olivia

circle lenses

Before I start posting reviews on circle lenses, I thought I'd introduce them to people who don't really know what circle lenses are about. Circle lenses are commonly known as "big eye" contact lenses because when placed in the eye, they make the iris appear larger in size. Originating in South Korea, these lenses are commonly worn by females, although can be worn by males as well. A look commonly associated with circle lenses is the Ulzzang look, which is characterized by large eyes, small noses, and fair skin. Although circle lenses aren't sold in western stores, they are very very popular in online stores, forums and blogs as well!

The diameter of the lens of the average circle lens is 14 mm , which is 2 mm longer than the average iris diameter. The colors range from very very natural looking to very extreme colors, such as lenses used for cosplaying, etc. Some popular brands are GEO , Dueba, G&G, EOS, NEO and many many more.

* When purchasing, one must be very very careful as there are many sellers who sell fake GEO lenses online and there may not be anyway to tell. These fake lenses will be harmful to your eyes so one must be very careful when it comes to ordering online ! I will be telling you what to look out for in another post !

- olivia

: D

Hey everyone !

I hope you guys are reading and enjoying the blog so far. I'm trying to update it constantly but because school is starting soon, there really are no promises! For majority of us, school will be starting up again and it will for sure be a very very hectic time. I'm currently writing up some reviews that will be posted soon. I have some circle lens reviews for you and many others following. Remember to follow this blog and request items that you want reviewed ! I'll try my best to get a review up for you!! ALSO, once I reach a certain number of followers, there might be a give away so remember to follow everyone!

anyway, for those who are going to be starting school tomorrow, hope you guys are enjoying your last day of winter holidays!!

- olivia

Friday, January 1, 2010

720 lashes `

So I recently got some fake eyelashes ! I'm not really into the whole idea of fake lashes, and don't wear them often but these are positively gorgeous! I purchased them for around 15 $ CAD from a group on Facebook and they are in such high demand right now!
These are the 720 lashes that are commonly sold in many false eyelash groups on Facebook. They are also commonly known as the "Jolin" lash. What I really like about them is how they look. They don't look overly dramatic but they don't look natural either. They are made in Taiwan and come in boxes of 10. You can purchase them individually as well. I believe these are hand made and I wear each pair around 3 - 4 times each so one box will last you quite a while. If you guys have any other questions, leave a comment! I'll ask if I can link you guys to her Facebook group but if I am allowed, please buy from her! She is amazing and has GREAT customer service! There are several other groups online who sell these as well !

Remember to follow this blog if you like it so far !


- olivia

Welcome !!

Hey everyone !

Welcome to my new blog ! I'm starting this blog to do some reviews about various items. I will be doing circle lens reviews and whatever you guys request! Hopefully I can get a lot of people to start reading this blog because this is something that I've been thinking about doing for a while now ! If you have any questions or anything, please feel free to email me or leave a comment ! I'm currently updating but will be posting more posts shortly!
Also remember to follow my blog !!

ps , happy new year to everyone ! 2010


- olivia