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Monday, January 4, 2010

Circle Lenses & Color Lenses - Comparison

Hey Everyone !

So I'm back again and I'm going to be showing you the difference between normal lenses and circle lenses. The main difference would be, of course, that circle lenses make the appearance of your iris larger, as stated previously in an earlier post. The circle lens usually has a black ring that extends past the color which helps enlarge the appearance of the iris. On a regular color contact lens however, there is no definate black ring and is instead transparent, making the eye only have a change of color and no enlargement.

There are of course, many different pros and cons to each choice.

Circle lenses

- They have great enlargement
- They have many different designs and styles to choose from
- The color blends better with your natural eye color
- Is slightly less expensive because it doesn't expire until a year later
- Comfortable on your eyes
- No prescription required

- Only available with yearly usage
- Can only be worn 6 - 8 hours a day
- Rarely found in retail stores * must be ordered online

Color Lenses

- Available in daily, monthly, and yearly prescription
- Extended wear lenses can be worn for the whole day
- Only available by prescription from your doctor

- Doesn't have enlargement, only color change
- Limited number of styles
- Color change may not be as effective because most of the color lenses are enhancement tints, therefore the color is highly translucent
- More expensive when compared to yearly lenses

Here are just a few pros and cons that we have listed! Of course, there are many more, and you may or may not agree with all of them. We are speaking in general and what was listed under cons may be a pro to you !

Stay tuned for more posts ~

- olivia

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