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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big eyes!

Hey !

I'm sure that majority of people who use circle lenses want to achieve that big eyed look. This , of course, IS achievable with or without the use of circle lenses. I have a few tips for you as to what you might want to try with or without the circle lenses ! Keep in mind that what works for some, may not work for others (:

Lets get started !

1. Use white eyeliner to line your inner lower waterline and the inner corner of your eye
2. Use a dark eyeliner on the top lid and line close to your lash line. Line ONLY the outer half
* if you want to apply dark eyeliner on the lower lid, apply only about halfway to 3/4 of the way in
3. Highlight the brow bone and the inner corners with a shimmery light shadow
4. Use a light colored eyeshadow in the crease
5. Give your eyebrows a slightly arched shape to maximize the space between the eye and the brow. Well defined eyebrows will give the appearance of a bigger space between the brow and the eye so keep them well maintained!
6. Make sure to curl your lashes before applying mascara * you can of course curl them after, as long as they are already dry
7. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Be sure to use a zig zag motion to ensure that there is no clumping
8. Apply false lashes. They give a very nice, soft feminine touch and some look quite natural when placed properly. They also open up the eyes and are very very useful if you have short lashes * like many Asians (:

Used in conjunction with your circle lenses will maximize the effect but these tips can obviously be used on their own without circle lenses! Be sure that you put in your lenses BEFORE you start doing your makeup because your hand might pick up some of the make up and it might not wash off with water alone, causing the bacteria and makeup to transfer onto your lenses.

- olivia

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