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Friday, January 1, 2010

720 lashes `

So I recently got some fake eyelashes ! I'm not really into the whole idea of fake lashes, and don't wear them often but these are positively gorgeous! I purchased them for around 15 $ CAD from a group on Facebook and they are in such high demand right now!
These are the 720 lashes that are commonly sold in many false eyelash groups on Facebook. They are also commonly known as the "Jolin" lash. What I really like about them is how they look. They don't look overly dramatic but they don't look natural either. They are made in Taiwan and come in boxes of 10. You can purchase them individually as well. I believe these are hand made and I wear each pair around 3 - 4 times each so one box will last you quite a while. If you guys have any other questions, leave a comment! I'll ask if I can link you guys to her Facebook group but if I am allowed, please buy from her! She is amazing and has GREAT customer service! There are several other groups online who sell these as well !

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- olivia


  1. photos will come later if requested !

  2. hi,

    sorry for the late reply!
    i got it from a store called puffpuff fashion :



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