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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Speaking of Leah Dizon..

Hey again !

It's kind of late but I really really REALLY had to post this up so this is just a quick blog post this time. Nothing TOO long but I got thinking of Leah Dizon inspired lenses and a few more came into my mind. I realize that some people may not be able to buy EOS lenses and that maybe MORE options would be a nice thing to provide. Here they are :

  1. Innovision Diamant Hazel

  2. Hana Medicon SeeShell Hazel ** Review Coming !!

  3. NEO Dali Extra Brown

  4. G&G A21 Brown
There are of course, many many other "dupes" out there but these are just some that I have come across in my years of dealing with circle lenses. I'll continue to update if people are interested in what other options there are. A question for this blog post though is IS THIS HELPFUL? Because if it helps people by giving more options to lenses, then I will continue to do so!

please comment & follow the blog !

- olivia

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