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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lens Review : GEO Angel Brown - CM 834 -

Hey everyone!

So yes, I have been slacking on the blog posts but school has been so hectic lately, and I'm almost off for olympic break ! I have just over two weeks of school left so I'm super super excited. Anyway, to start off our first lens review of this blog, I'm going to be starting off with a well known favorite of many. I'm going to be reviewing the GEO Angel Brown lenses !

* Disclaimer : These lenses have been purchased with my own money! These reviews are by no means influenced by any company!

Lets start off with what the lens actually looks like. The lens itself has a 14 mm diameter with a 8.6 base curve. The beautiful brown color is surrounded by a dark, distinct black ring which gives the eyes a lovely enlargement. What I love most about the Angel Brown lenses is that they don't make the eyes look HUGE and the color change is very subtle on darker eyes. I also feel like these lenses really give you that circle lens effect with the thick dark ring. But what I love most of all is the effect it gives my eyes. My eyes are somewhat glossy and the color, although not dramatic, has enough of a POP to catch the attention of people around you. I had gotten these lenses as my first pair of circle lenses EVER and from then, I loved them. They are definitely a good buy to try if you're new to circle lenses.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first lens review of the blog and if you have any feedback or additional information you'd like to know, comment! Also, don't forget to FOLLOW the blog. You might have a chance of winning these lenses !!

Overall Rating : 10 / 10

* rating's are simply my own opinion. you may or may not agree with my rating but i'm basing my rating on how the lenses look on me, and what kind of effect i want. it is obviously different for every single person so please do not comment saying how you don't agree with the things i have stated.

- olivia

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