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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Popular choices for GEO

Hi everyone !

So as you know, GEO lenses are very very popular and for those people who are interested in buying lenses, here are a few popular choices that you may like to try !
These lenses come in prescription that ranges from -0.00 ( plano ) to -10.00 !

1. Angel Series - Brown, Gray, Green, Violet, Blue

2. CK 105 - Black

3. Nudy Series - Gray , Brown, Blue

4. Tricolor (World) Series - Violet

5. Wing Series - Honey Wing, Ash Wing

Here are only a few choices as to popular GEO lenses ! There are of course many many others that you can check out as well! What lenses do you like to wear ?
Also, stick around for more information about circle lenses and different brands as well !

- olivia

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