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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spotlight : EOS Lenses

Hi everyone !

I know I haven't updated in a while, so I'm back again with an introduction to another brand. This brand is now becoming more and more popular in several facebook groups and many online stores as well. The brand EOS , or Eyes Of Seduction, was founded in December of 2002 in Korea. They use a Transfer Dyeing Method, which was developed and used for the first time to solve many common problems such as coarse lens surface, less oxygen penetration and fading. As a result, the EOS lenses are known to be more comfortable to wear than regular contact lenses.

Product Specifications

Water Content
Refractive Index
Oxygen Permeability
Base Curve Radius
Power Range

Because of the new method of dyeing, the company says the new features of the lenses are :

  1. Exceptionally Clear & shiny lens surface without any rough (embossed) defect
  2. No visual trouble (color part to be transmitted by light)
  3. More comfortable wearing and outstanding transmission of oxygen,
    (Every particle is removed from the colored part by a screen printing type of new technology)
  4. Smart & natural look of wearing (color and lens are matched well as colored part of new technology.)
  5. Every color is semi-permanent so that there is no change of color or fading
They have many different kinds of lenses. They have the circle lenses, color lenses, and even regular contact lenses, which all last for ONE YEAR. There'll be more posts on this brand, including many of their lovely series.

- olivia


  1. Have you tried these yets?
    Are they more comfy than Geo?
    Geo irritates (i've tried nudys and tricolor) my eyes and make them red. =(

  2. Hi Adilac

    I haven't tried them YET but I hear that they are one of the most comfortable lenses around!
    I do, however, own GEO nudys and they are super super irritating. GEO Angels are quite comfortable though!

    I'll update more when I get my EOS lenses!

  3. nice to see your blog up again xD i've tried eos and they are definitely more comfortable than Geo for sure.


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