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Monday, March 19, 2012

Lens Review: GEO OL-105/ Ash Wing Lenses

Hi Everyone!

I'm back again to do a review on some circle lenses! I haven't done a post/review on circle lenses in a while so I thought I'd share with you guys my thoughts on the GEO Olive lenses in gray. If any of you have seen this lens before, that's because it used to be called the Ash Wing lenses until GEO Medical decided to rename them and add three more colors to the series. Personally, I much preferred the name Ash Wing as Olive lenses just sounds.. not as beautiful! But that's just my opinion!

Anyway, the lenses come in the glass jars, which are the same as all the other GEO lenses. The lenses have:
- Diameter of 14.00mm, which is the standard for regular circle lenses
- Base Curve of 8.6
- Water Content of 38-42%

These lenses I find to be quite comfortable. This definitely isn`t my first time wearing circle lenses and they manage to last me a good 8 hours, which is the recommended wear time that GEO Medical advises all people to wear them for. I can usually get to the 8 hour mark without having to use eye drops just yet. In terms of comfort, they score pretty high in my books.

The next is the color. The color itself is quite nice and looks quite natural without looking overly dolly. At first, I was scared that it would look too gray and make my eyes look odd but surprisingly they blended with my eye color quite nicely.

Here are some photos I took with artificial lighting and with flash!

Natural/Artificial Lighting:

And with flash!

Please ignore the brows.. LOL

As you can see, in the natural light, the color looks quite nice and not too grey. If you're looking for some lenses that won't give you as much of a dolly effect as black lenses seem to but you don't want to go to bright, gray lenses are definitely the perfect match for you! I absolutely adore these and these have become one of the lenses that I'm comfortable wearing to school/for every day purposes.

Overall, I think these lenses are very very nice. They're also quite popular as well so if you're looking for some safe first time lenses, these are going to be great!

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xo. Olivia


  1. I'm thinking of getting either this or geo nudy grey. But I really can't decide! Which one is more natural-looking between the two?

    1. Hi There!

      Between the two, I would definitly choose the Ash Wing lenses versus the nudy grays. I can post up comparison photos if you want!


    2. Yes, please post up comparison photos! ^^

    3. Definitely! Comparison photos will be up soon :)

    4. Hi There!

      Comparison photos are now up! Sorry it took so long

      xo. Olivia


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