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Monday, April 2, 2012

Comparison: Geo Nudy Gray vs Geo OL - 105

I was requested to post up some comparison photos of GEO Nudy Gray lenses vs. the GEO Olive (Ash Wing) Lenses that I had reviewed earlier. If you'd like to see them, click here! I was going to do this a lot earlier but I thought I had lost my Nudy grays! Turns out they were under my bed.. =_____=

Anyway, this is going to be a quick informal sort of comparison and reviews for the Nudy Gray lenses will be posted shortly.

GEO Nudy Gray
As you can see, the Nudy lenses have more of a grainy texture and the little specs are somewhat noticeable

GEO OL-105 (Ash Wing) 
The lenses have more of an opaque color and a solid dark ring around the perimeter of the lens itself

GEO Nudy Grays

GEO OL-105 (Ash Wing)

This concludes my incredibly short comparison on some of the most popular gray lenses from GEO Medical. If I have missed anything, leave me a comment down below! More in depth reviews will be posted later

xo. Olivia


  1. This is quite interesting. I tried the nudy gray before, but it made my eyes algeric. Since then, I am scared to try any GEO ones!

    1. Hmm , that's definitely a little weird! I've never really had a problem with GEO lenses before, but I have had a bad experience with a pair of GEO Nudy's before so I completely understand!


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